Facilities Management outsourcing is when the management responsibility of your business premises is taken on by a third party specialist such as FMS Facilities Management Services Ltd.

Outsourcing is an effective method of reducing costs and internal workload pressures while increasing efficiency. As a result, many businesses are now outsourcing their facilities management requirements.

In 2015, KPMG released the Pulse Survey which defined various industry trends. Total Facilities Management outsourcing is defined as all services essential for an organisation’s day-to-day operation.

Benefits of Facilities Management Outsourcing

Outourcing lets organisations focus on their core business practices. They minimise time spent micromanaging their facilities and real estate.

Facilities Management outsourcing also reduces the need to deal with individual contractors. Savings are generated from facility management partnerships since these companies genrally subcontract to the same trusted specialists and gain volume based savings.

If your business chooses a reliable FM outsourcing company, it will:

  • Save money.
  • Become more flexible.
  • Find more time for key activities.
  • Reduce risk.
  • Comply with statutory requirements.
  • Move to a mobile workforce.
  • Improve service quality.
  • Streamline business operations.
  • Provide services consistently.
  • Grow together.

Saving Money

In-house facilities management is expensive. Outsourcing these operations dramatically cuts operating costs. All expenses are paid upfront with no hidden or unexpected fees later that result from issues like the need for manager training.

Becoming More Flexible

Management companies keep organisational changes up to date. When organisations need to update their specifications, the outsourced management will always adapt as necessary. By comparison, in-house management is much more static.

Find More Time for Key Activities

Without worrying about facility management, more time is spent on other business matters. The business focuses on items like production and marketing while the management delegates other tasks responsibly and efficiently.

Reduce Risk

Facility Management companies have more experience and are better equipped to deal with employee risks.

Comply with Statutory Requirements

The management company has the time to focus on maintaining up to date knowledge or all relevant rules and regulations. The risk of accidentally failing to comply is mitigated as new updates are processed immediately.

Move to a Mobile Workforce

External management companies have 24-hour support systems. On-site staff are supported as needed allowing for greater flexibility and creativity in problem-solving methods.

Improve Service Quality

The external organisation utilises its context to find the best third party professionals. The company moves forward in a stronger support network and is able to utilise external knowledge to improve products and services.

Streamline Business Operations

Outsourcing facility management allows for greater control. As the business grows, the management company maintains all aspects of the business so that nothing is left behind. This way, no sectors are left to become autonomous.

Provide Services Consistently

An external company is able to handle business changes while maintaining professional levels of service delivery. This way, management is unaffected by interior changes that would normally cause issues.

Grow Together

Partners support each other, and this is no less true for a business and a facility management company. Each shares experiences and growth with the other so that both benefit while providing support through any difficulties.

Thus, a Facilities Management Company is a vital part of the expansion and growth of any business. The most important thing is to find the right management company that will benefit the needs of your specific business.