Small bedrooms make it necessary to maximise the floor space. You have to get creative with the layout and furniture to save as much space as you can. You also need wardrobes that suit your storage needs. However, closet doors should not take up space.

When choosing wardrobe door options sliding and hinged wardrobe doors should be on top of your list. However, you might be stuck on which style to pick between the two. The simplest way to make a decision is to learn everything about the doors. You will find the best fit for your bedroom when you know the benefits and limitations of each.

Hinged Doors

Hinged doors swing open on both sides providing full access to the closet. The style has been around for ages, but with a few modifications, you can achieve a modern look. You can fit it in walk-in closets, custom, and built-in wardrobes.


When you swing both doors open, you can get full access to all your things without any part of the storage area being obscured. Therefore, finding your clothes or shoes becomes a simple task. You can also move large items around your closet without struggling or add something bulky.

They are available in different styles, meaning you can get a design that compliments the theme of your bedroom. You can also get a custom-made hinged door.

Hinged doors are easy to repair in comparison to sliding doors. Since open hinged doors give full access to the hinge mechanisms, you can spot a problem and fix it without much trouble.

Hinged doors offer additional storage space access. You can also hang your clothes in the corners and at the back of the doors.

Maintenance of hinged doors is not usually required.


Hinged doors take up additional floor space as the doors need to swing outwards when open.

The wardrobe doors are from light materials for the hinges to accommodate the weight and may not be strong enough. The doors may not achieve the sleek and contemporary style you want.

They are quite costly, unlike sliding wardrobe doors.

Sliding Doors

When you are looking for a modern appearance and your space is limited, the sliding doors for your closet are a perfect choice. Sliding doors have a track system to slide the door sideways.


Numerous design options: sliding wardrobe doors are made from a variety of materials. They also come in various sizes and a palette of colours. Therefore, you can find the perfect design for a classy look. You can also have a tailor-made sliding door from Superglide Wardrobes.

Saves on space- traditional closet doors need space for swinging the door open. However, sliding wardrobe doors opens sideways, thereby saving some floor space. You can also utilise extra storage space in your closet to eliminate the need for other storage items.

Easy to personalise- you can add a touch of your personality to the doors to complement the theme of the room. For a stylish and sleek look, add mirrors, coloured glass, and beautiful wood finishes.

Sliding wardrobe doors are able to support a much heavier load than their hinged counterparts, this makes them ideal for large full length mirrors.


Sliding wardrobe doors require regular maintenance to keep the tracks clean and dust free.

Even with information on the positive and negative aspects of wardrobe doors, deciding can still be tricky. You need to consider the available space and whether you want a modern look or a conservative style. Also, the doors are from various materials, including wood, vinyl, glass, and mirrors. Apart from materials, ensure you pick a design that goes with the theme of the bedroom.