As the leaves turn a golden shade of brown, and summer fades into a pleasant memory, it’s easy to forget that there are still many beautiful varieties of flower that are still in bloom. Some of these flowers possess the characteristics required to make them suitable for indoor flower arrangements, here are some of our favourites.



There are over 700 different species of Allium, offering a huge range of flower shapes, sizes, and colours. Alliums work well in fresh flower arrangements but are equally suited to dried flower bouquets. Globemaster alliums can be particularly striking, with their delicate spherical flower heads of blue, crimson, and purple.


Japanese Anemone

Japanese Anemone’s can flower continuously between August and October, replacing aged flowers with fresh bloom. Honorine Jobert is particularly stunning, with delicate white flowers around a pistil of vibrant golden stamens.



Also commonly referred to as Dianthus, different colour carnations have long since been associated with different meanings. White carnations are said to represent good luck and true love, Pink carnations represent a Mothers love, and Purple carnations are said to represent mood swings. It’s probably best to avoid yellow carnations though, they represent disappointment and dejection!



Chrysanthemums are beautiful and vibrant flowers that have been cultivated for over 500 years, and are available in several varieties. Pompom Chrysanthemums are perhaps the most visually striking with spherical white blooms that appear to be a single flower but actually consist of hundreds of tiny florets. Button Chrysanthemums are shaped like the head of a staddle stone, and are available in red, yellow, pink, and a rather striking lime green. Much like Carnations, Chrysanthemums are also synonymous with meaning, and are said to symbolize long, joyous, and optimistic life.



Ok, so Hypericum is not technically a flower, but it’s certainly worth a mention. Most common varieties of Hypericum have oval berries of green or red, but cream is perhaps the most beautiful. Hypericum works well in arrangements with other flowers when used to add body and detail to the display.



Named after the greek goddess of the Rainbow, Irises have long since been symbolic of royalty, it’s also hypothesised that the Iris was incorporated into French monarchal heraldry with the Fleur de Lys, a design that many believe to be based on Iris pseudacorus, a variety of Iris that grows in Marshland.
Japanese Irises are in Bloom now, also known as butterfly Irises this variety is possessed of a delicate beauty that few other flowers can match.



Stargazer and Cassablanca lillies have long been highly popular choices for bouquets, Japanese lilies are also great for home flower arrangements as they produce a sweet honey aroma that makes your home smell great.



Orchids are the most highly prized of all flowers, but not all varieties of orchid are suitable for flower arrangements. The more delicate varieties do not last well, and it’s the heavier flowers with waxy petals that have the longevity required for flower arrangements. Cymbidium and Anthurium are particularly good and can last for up to six weeks if the stems are cut after purchase prior to placing in a vase with water. Canary Yellow and Silky White Cymbidium orchids flower between Autumn and spring.



Sunflower heads can reach between 10 and 15cm wide and flower between later summer and autumn. Sunflower arrangements are visually striking and make great centrepieces as they naturally draw the eye. Sunflowers work well with a variety of other flowers, including White Roses, Yellow Snapdragons, White Admiral Phlox, and Green Button Chrysanthemums.