We live in a highly competitive job market where finding, hiring, and retaining the right talent is becoming more and more difficult. A successful recruitment process requires a lot of time and money. For many entrepreneurs, doing so while continuing to run a business efficiently can prove to be a real struggle. That’s why many companies enlist the help of recruitment agencies to ease the burden. A reputable recruitment agency like TRAK Employment Solutions Ltd can save a significant amount of resources and increase the chances of a good hire. Here’s what to look for when searching for a partner to help with your staffing needs:

Define Your Needs

Before you begin searching for a recruitment agency, the first thing you should to do is determine your needs, as well as your current hiring challenges. For instance:

  • Are the job openings temporary, permanent, contract, interim, or a mix of each?
  • Are you experiencing high turnover?
  • Are general skills enough or are you looking for a particular set of skills?

Once you’ve defined your needs and challenges, they’ll serve as a guide when evaluating prospective agencies with your HR team. This will ensure you find one that can fulfil them with ease.

Pick the Right Agency Type

Choosing a recruitment agency by type allows you to narrow down the possible ideal agencies for your needs. For starters, consider a general agency if your needs are fairly general like when you’re looking to recruit employees for myriad different positions. But if you require someone with a specific set of skills like an executive or are in a highly specialised industry, consider a sector-specific agency. A specialised firm gives you access to qualified employees who have a better understanding of what you want in terms of experience and skills.

Check their Expertise

A recruitment agency can be a huge time and money-saver, only if they have a good understanding of your role in the market and industry. If not, there’s a chance they could misunderstand the kind of people you’re looking for. The right agency should have recruitment experts for different specialities. Be sure to read online reviews and testimonials from employers and employees who’ve worked with them before. This will shed some light on their level of professionalism, services, and customer care.

Check Their Screening Process

You are paying for a service to get the right talent in return. As such, ask the agency about their recruitment and hiring strategies to ensure they’re attracting the right candidates for the job. Most of them use pre-screening tests to ensure candidates are as skilled as they claim to be. Furthermore, does the agency conduct background investigations and reference checks on prospective candidates? Asking to review their strategies and steps can provide great insights on how well they’ll work for you. If you feel they aren’t up to your standards, move on.


Money is always at the centre of any business decision. Finding the right agency will mean nothing if their costs are far beyond your budget. It’s important to compare quotes from multiple firms to ensure you are getting the best possible deal.