On matters pertaining to taxes, bookkeeping, and financial management, it’s essential that you get the right person for the job. This will save you money and time that your business needs for steady growth. The accountant will prepare taxes and delve into other financial matters related to your business. Here are tips for getting the best accountant for your business.

Availability and Time

Get an accountant as soon as you can. Mostly, before you start your business. Your accountant will be your most trusted advisor, so he ought to be available when you need him/her. It is best to involve them when you’ve just started your company. Ensure you only employ accounting services from reputable companies like Nigel B Butler Limited.

Relevant expertise

Make sure that your prospective accountants are accustomed to dealing with similar businesses. This way, they will be able to advise you on all the legal issues and required financial matters. A specialist accountant will keep your books in order and still give insight into the market.


Ensure that your soon-to-be accountants are fully qualified and certified. Accountants are usually regulated by proficient bodies that strive to maintain quality standards and services. So, hire a professional accountant that will add value and help your company grow.


There’s no standard method of fee payment when it comes to accountancy. Some accountants prefer a monthly retainer while others charge by the hour. Some may also prefer a percentage of your turnover. Find out the fees all your prospective accountants will charge and pick the most suitable one.

Offered services

Find out the services your accountant will offer. Apart from the required tasks, what else will the accountant do to benefit your business? Make sure you negotiate this with them before making the final decision.


When choosing an accountant, it’s essential that you get someone you are comfortable with. This means that communication will be at its best and a good relationship will be built. The accountant will be responsible for the most important thing in your business-your finances, and this will require trust.

Online accounting

Find a company like Nigel B Butler Limited, which has embraced digital accounting. This saves time and enhances efficiency. Usually, accountants have different preferences when it comes to accounting software. If your company uses a different kind of software, issues may arise. So, find an accountant who uses similar software or one who is willing to.


Contact several firms before making the final decision. Having a variety of people to choose from will help you explore the different services and fees offered. Meet each accountant; discuss the tasks to be performed and your company’s needs. Ask for recommendations from other similar businesses and talk to their former and current clients.

Trust and use your intuition

Alongside other considerations such as fees and qualifications, it will be best for you to follow your gut feeling. An accountant is one of the most important persons in a company and having the wrong one is setting out for failure. So, after you meet with the accountant, listen to your gut feeling. It may sometimes be wrong but don’t ignore it.

Other resources

Use your social networks and available resources to get the right accountant. Based on your needs, you may have some other considerations in mind. Remember, a good accountant will help your business grow. Choose one that is trustworthy, qualified and guaranteed to save you money.