Picking clinic management software is one of the most crucial decisions you can make in the medical field. Good software will provide scheduling tools that govern how you keep track of patients and providers, it will also help manage everything from patient outreach to staff scheduling. Therefore if you make the wrong choice, your decision could hamper your operations. In order to pick the right software, you need to know about the features that each option has. They include:


This is an integrated medical management software that is developed for independent practices. It comes with features such as digital health records, patient engagement, telemedicine, and financial analytics. They all work together to ensure an efficient medical practice.

Those with mobile devices can use it on their iPad or iPhone. There is also a cloud platform, which enables access from anywhere combined with the best data security possible. The software is also browser agnostic for Windows and Mac OS. AdvancedMD can run smoothly on all popular devices in the world.

The integrated work-flow ensures that the patient’s journey is automated. It begins with on-site self-scheduling, or even telephone appointments. Reminders are sent to patients via email or text. Verification for insurance eligibility is done automatically and staff are alerted of any potential issues. Consent forms are sent via a patient portal, and they are automatically filed inside the relevant patient chart.

DrChrono EHR

This medical management software is compatible with iPhones and iPads. It also acts as a billing platform, which helps to manage patient intake, billing, charting, and revenue cycle management. The software comes with customizable medical forms, a scheduling tool, a patient portal, and real-time checks on patient eligibility.

The software comes with fully customizable forms. Any prescription, including those done electronically, can be sent via the internet. Lab orders are also submitted electronically to more than 40,000 labs in the US. Results are then uploaded into the patient chart. This software allows providers to create baseline health data that can be used to monitor the health of a patient over time.

Your staff will be able to use the built in Free Draw function. This function allows them to annotate of diagrams, x-rays, and other files. They are also able to use the built-in camera on any mobile device to take pictures that are embedded in the patients’ records. Additionally, the system comes with HIPAA-compliant cloud storage. This ensures you can access medical data online no matter where you are.


MidexPRO software thinks more like a doctor and less like a computer expert. Whatever area of the medical field you work, MidexPRO provides you with all you require to run an efficient medical practice. The software is optimized for mobile devices to ensure that you can access patient data on the move as well as stored in the cloud and backed up in real time.

MidexPRO is not a one size fits all product. It’s modular approach allows you to pay for software that is tailored to the specific needs you have, without paying extra for modules that you do not need. MidexPRO is the only software in this list that offers a free trial with unlimited access to a helpful and friendly technical support team throughout the duration of the trial.

MidexPRO has features such as ebilling, allowing you to send bills to major insurers with a click of a button, billing which shows a complete breakdown of the patient’s treatment and produces an invoice based on these specifications. There is also a recall feature that allows automatic long and short term prompting when patients do not respond to a recall.

The software will not just write prescriptions and monitor drug use; it will even print the labels for you. These are just a few of the options possible with MidexPRO, to find out how how MidexPRO could help your medical practice, order a free trial today.