When it’s time to plan an event you will need to start thinking about hiring an event company as soon as possible. Hiring someone to put together your event will help you make sure that it is professionally run and that it doesn’t take up too much of your precious time. Read through our guide to choosing the right event management company to meet needs.

Your Needs

When you reach out to events management companies you will need to ensure that you understand exactly what is you will need from them. This means deciding in advance what your budget will be, the type of location you would like for your event, and your overall vision for the event. Make sure you have an overall feeling of what your event will look like before you reach out to event management companies so that they can help you fill in the details. Doing this will help you get an instinct for which company is right for you once you do start talking to event managers. Remember, that good event management companies such as Chordiem might not be in a position to provide everything that you want themselves but they will have reputable partners who they are used to working with who can help meet all of you needs. These partnerships often produce excellent results because it is better for companies to specialise in a couple of things than try and do everything.

Approach Companies

Once you know what you want, it is time to approach event management companies. This is usually done by creating a Request For Proposal (RFP) which is sent out to prospective companies. Put as much detail on here as possible because it will help the company provide you with accurate pricing information but don’t be afraid to make use of their expertise when it comes to really fleshing out the details. The key is to provide enough information that makes it possible for the companies to come back to you with costing information.

Look into your Options

Once companies have had your RFP and have come back to you with numbers it’s time to start really looking into which company you might like to work with. You can probably discount some companies straight away based on how they responded to your RFP. This could be because of price, perhaps if they pitched too high or maybe because they didn’t really respond to all aspects of your RFP. Ideally, you would want to discount anyone who didn’t really bother to clarify details or really address all of your needs. Remember, the RFP process is a chance for an events management company to really impress you. If they don’t make the effort at this stage, they are probably not worth bothering with.

Final stage

Once you have discounted companies based on their reaction to your RFP, it’s time to get to know those companies that are still in the running better. Go back to them to clarify details, arrange meetings or even lunch dates. You need to really get to know the company, what they are about and whether you will enjoy working with them before you can make your decision. If you find it difficult to decide between companies, try writing down the points that you like about each one. This can give you the space to really weigh up what is most important to you and which company better meets this need for you. Each events management company will have strengths and weaknesses in different places so understanding what matters most to you will help you figure out which company will be more likely to plan the perfect event for you.