Making an SME get past its baby steps can be quite tough. Customer satisfaction, cashflow management, big competitors, and stretched workforce could be sources of pains and annoyances for any company management. Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help address these problems and facilitate growth. But how?

It’s more than just an ERP system

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers your business a complete vision and does more than what standard standalone ERP solutions do. It offers improved basic functionality, and an aesthetic and feel that’s customisable and intuitive. Dynamics NAV brings together your primary business processes and helps your patrons make decisions that enhance your cash flow and margins, letting your business flourish as a result.

Helps facilitate an efficient work culture

Dynamics NAV offers the ‘role tailored’ feature that helps users sieve tasks and information relevant to certain job functions. The time needed for your users to quickly pick up and roll with the solution is significantly reduced, since the information and resources required are easily accessible. This means your workers work faster, better, and smarter right from the word go. The system also provides a unique blend of business intelligence, communications and collaboration tools. These help users connect with several departments of the business, offering them total control and visibility.

Reduces business-related risks

Microsoft has, over a period, built a reputation of trust and innovation as far as business and consumer solutions are concerned. This means the Microsoft Dynamics program lets your users access local expertise and resources that they required because of Microsoft’s global partner system, and could count on Microsoft and its platform’s long-term stability.

Pushes and supports business growth

Microsoft Dynamics NAV improves your employees’ productivity. Thanks to its versatility and flexibility, the software could be calibrated to meet more complex processes and higher demands going forward. The ERP setup offers necessary support for achieving your company goals and helping it grow holistically.


The Microsoft Dynamics program works just the way your users want it to, whether as a standard desktop application or over the web. This Microsoft business solution enables both remote and office employees to carry out business and connect through familiar channels and tools, such as email, instant messaging and voice.

Familiar interface

Learning and using Microsoft Dynamics is quite straightforward as the program works alongside and just like popular Microsoft applications, such as MS Outlook and Office. The familiar user interface lets users easily adapt to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which means they can get to business right away and be at their productive best, increasing your ROI in the process.

An eye on the future

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has business intelligence tools embedded that help solve problems and even ensure the issues don’t pop up in the first place. In other words, your users would think ahead of the times and ensure your business is future-ready always.

Adds value to a business

The ERP program delivers value in three ways: it boosts user productivity and manages expenses shrewdly; drives profitability and increases your ROI (return on investment); and offers interoperability with technologies being currently used in the business, which helps decrease your TCO (total ownership cost).

Deployment flexibility

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you could choose the deployment method that suits your company the best. It could be in the cloud, on-premise, or a mix of both. As your company grows and metamorphoses, the deployment model could also be modified so that it could stay abreast with your requirements, irrespective of what they are.

Gets to business in days

Thanks to the ‘rapid implementation’ method, Dynamics NAV could be deployed easily and quickly. You need not disrupt your business totally to incorporate the system. It shall take only a few days for your business to return to normalcy and start reaping Dynamics NAV’s benefits. This is particularly true when you partner with Microsoft Dynamics NAV experts such as Sci-Net.