Home improvement projects, such as building an extension or creating a parking space, often involve removing a layer of top soil then excavating foundations. Many homeowners hire an expensive mini digger to do the work without first considering how they can save money.

1. Use Manual Labour

The traditional method of digging holes with a spade costs nothing but time and effort. Small to medium sized garden ponds or pathways can easily be dug out by hand in a weekend especially if you enlist some willing helpers. Excellent results can even be achieved for larger projects providing you can spare the vast number of hours involved. To meet a deadline or avoid the inconvenience of a lengthy disruption it’s often more cost-effective to hire a mini digger.

2. Share the Expenses

Before embarking on a project find out if your next-door neighbour is contemplating having similar work done. For instance, many adjoining properties opt for parking spaces that flow seamlessly from one front garden to the next. Other projects could involve excavating the foundations of porches or conservatories. By organising a schedule that suits both parties you can halve the costs involved in hiring a mini digger.

3. Hire a Professional Operator

Heavy-duty machinery can be difficult to operate. It takes several hours of training to learn how to operate a mini digger with precision. If you’ve never handled one before it could easily take a whole day to adjust to the controls and how to manoeuvre it correctly. It’s actually more cost-effective to hire a qualified operator who will fulfil your project’s requirements in a fraction of the time. An experienced operator can also alert you to any potential problems such as soil dispersal or drainage.

4. Hire for the Right Length of Time

Accurately calculating how much time you need to complete your task can save you money. Heavy equipment such as a mini digger is usually hired out at a daily rate. Companies frequently offer a scale of discounted rates if you hire the equipment for two or more days together. Underestimating the size of your project will incur more costs if you have to re-hire machinery on separate occasions to get the job done.

5. Contact a Reputable Local Company

Most companies operate a structured delivery service where the costs rise according to how far they have to travel to reach your property. Using a local company will ultimately save you money on delivery fees. Tiger Plant of Swindon is ideally situated to supply Wiltshire and any adjoining counties with affordable mini digger hire. The company has an outstanding reputation for providing high-quality mini digger hire and will also supply professional operators. With a knowledgeable customer service team on hand you’ll receive all the help and advice you need on how to save money when hiring a mini digger.