Getting the best accountant can be a real challenge, particularly if you have never worked with one before. This guide contains some handy tips to help you single out the best accountants.

Have High Expectations

A good accountant is a valuable asset to a company. Your accountant should be able to handle all the financial issues affecting your company. Also, a good accountant means that your organization will be provided with the best business advice as required.

Know the Support Needed by Your Business

Though you might get compelling recommendations from other companies, what is right for them might not have a similar impact on your company. Therefore, it is vital that you know the strengths and weaknesses of your business so that you can find the right accountant to address your specific needs.

Smaller could be better

If you are running a small business, then getting a small accountancy firm might be a good move. A single person running a small accountancy firm understands the challenges involved and might be a great asset to your young, growing organization.

Consider Sector Experience

Though it might not be too essential, it would be great if you could find an accountant who has previous experience working in a sector that is closely related to yours. That way, they will have a clear understanding of how to help your firm achieve its short-term and long-term goals.

Make an Appointment with the Person

To develop a rapport with your accountant, it is advisable that you meet with them beforehand. During the appointment, make sure that you gauge their ability to support your business and address all the issues it faces. They should be able to identify all the problems and come up with ideal solutions.

Know what is needed

Each expert will have their own well-formulated work philosophy. Therefore, before you start working with them, make sure that you understand their ideal working environment. As the client, you should provide all things necessary to allow the project to flow smoothly.

Confirm the Credentials

You must ensure that your accountant is a professional and that they are qualified to undertake the required work. Ideally, you should hire a professional who is recognized and certified by ICAEW, ACCA, or CIMA. Once you have the accountants names, you can run a background check online quite efficiently.

Talk to their Previous Clients

Once you have identified someone that looks like a good fit, try talking to their previous clients. If they provide consistantly excellent services, you will get flawless references from their previous customers. However, before you exchange contracts, find out why their previous clients were so happy with the services provided.

Agree on Fees

It is essential to know how much the service will cost you per month or year before signing an agreement. Make sure you know exactly which services are included in the fee, and which services are billable as an additional charge before you start the project.

Consider Location

Although most modern businesses use cloud accounting which allows their business records to be accessed from anywhere in the world, if you run a small home based business and are reliant on paper records, the location of your accountant could still be important. If you operate in the Swindon area, hiring a local accountancy firm like Chippendale and Clark could help you avoid having to pay a courier to ship boxes full of documents halfway across the country when it’s time to complete year end accounts.